This is an odd connection, but Fancred's Jon Heyman reported Wednesday afternoon that the Phillies are "considering" trading for Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones.

There are multiple reasons why this would be a strange fit. Jones hasn't played a position other than center field since 2007. That's not to say he couldn't fill in capably in right field or left field, he just hasn't done it.

The bigger issue is that Jones is the polar opposite type of offensive player the Phillies seek. He swings at everything. He never walks — he's averaged 24 walks per season since 2013.

In terms of a platoon situation, Jones has actually been significantly worse in his career against lefties (.265 BA, .726 OPS) than he has been vs. righties (.282 BA, .793 OPS).

The only way this would make sense is if the cost to acquire Jones is very low. Which it could be. He's a free agent after the season and he's having his worst offensive year in a decade. 

The Phils have been connected recently to Curtis Granderson, but their rationale here might be that if the price tags are similar, why not go for the more established offensive player? 

Defensively, Jones is not the player he used to be, but he'd still likely be an upgrade over what Odubel Herrera has given the Phillies in center this season. Teams are running at will on Herrera, scoring from third on shallow fly balls and trying to turn singles into doubles whenever he has to range to his side. Jones' arm is unquestionably stronger.


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