J.T. Realmuto apparently not the top catcher Mets are after


It may mean something, it may mean nothing. It may just be typical early offseason chatter that doesn’t indicate one way or another what a team will inevitably do.

According to SNY, “at the moment, the Mets are after (James) McCann more than J.T. Realmuto.”

Realmuto and McCann are the top two catchers on the market. McCann is not the all-around player that Realmuto is, but he’s been a comparable hitter the last two seasons and will cost far less. Much more here on McCann's skill set.

Per that SNY report, George Springer remains toward the top of the Mets’ free-agent wishlist. If they sign him, it could make them more likely to sign the less expensive catcher in McCann. Of course, that assumes both catchers are still out there if or when the Mets land Springer.

The Mets could also sign both Springer and Realmuto. They’re one of the only — maybe the only — team in position to splurge on two top free agents because they’re under a new owner, Steve Cohen, who is committed to making quick and significant changes. That could mean two from the group of Springer, Realmuto and Trevor Bauer. Of the three positions, outfield help from Springer is what the Mets need least.

The Phillies’ chances of bringing Realmuto back obviously increase if the Mets remove themselves from the picture. But there’s still a long way to go in that regard. This unusual market could still take another six weeks to develop. We still haven’t seen a contract of more than one year signed this offseason.


The Mets are also interested in veteran Yadier Molina. One way or another, they will improve upon the abysmal defense Wilson Ramos has provided behind the plate the last two years.

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