Phils fans unhappy with team's perceived Realmuto snub


Even on Thanksgiving, with baseball in full offseason mode, the Phillies have their fans in a frenzy.

Like most teams and brands on Thursday, the Phils took to social media to wish their fans a happy holiday, with a little added flair. 

So the team's official Twitter account shared this cutesy custom graphic of the team's biggest names working on a dinner together:

Fun, right? The big guns (Bryce Harper, Aaron Nola, Zack Wheeler, etc.) are all here, and we've got table settings for young guys like Alec Bohm, JoJo Romero, and Spencer Howard. Even Connor Brogdon is included!

Except... J.T. Realmuto is nowhere to be seen.

Oh no.

When you think about it, it's an understandable exclusion. Realmuto rejected the team's qualifying offer earlier this month, making him a free agent. He's not currently a Phillie, so the team isn't going to include him in the graphic, even if they'd like him to return next season.

On the other hand, fans may feel like this is a message about the team's offseason plans.

And this is Philadelphia, where fans are already unhappy with the organization's perceived half-hearted pursuit of Realmuto, who is due for a huge payday this offseason. 

So The Thanksgiving Snub put fans in a... fowl mood: 

Rough stuff.

Phillies president Andy MacPhail noted in October that the Phillies have tried on multiple occasions to sign Realmuto, and intend to take a fourth swing this offseason, but so far they haven't found "common ground".


If the Phillies can't bring back Realmuto and he winds up playing in the division for another team, Phillies fans won't be giving too many thanks.

Perhaps the Phils can reach out to Realmuto about a Black Friday discount.

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