Rhys Hoskins facing off against Marlins' Miguel Rojas in MLB The Show


The Phillies and Marlins will not play baseball Thursday, with MLB's regular season postponed until at least mid-May, which is unfortunate.

But Rhys Hoskins is stepping up, still putting on a show for fans, and we love it.

Hoskins will face off against Marlins infielder Miguel Rojas in the recently-released MLB The Show video game on Thursday afternoon, with Hoskins playing as the Phillies and Rojas playing as the Marlins:

This certainly explains why, on Wednesday, the Instagram account for Hoskins' dog Rookie posted a story that showed Hoskins playing The Show - as the Phillies, against the Marlins. Gotta love the dedication from 17.

The game will be broadcast on the Phillies' YouTube page at 4:10 p.m., the same time the Phillies and Mets would've been starting their Opening Day matchup. 

And it'll wrap up just in time for Phillies fans to tune in to NBC Sports Philadelphia's rebroadcast Thursday night of Roy Halladay's 2010 perfect game, which happened against... the Marlins! Synergy!

As the sports world adjusts to life without live sports amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, video game streaming - both live playing and simulation - has become an interesting replacement. 

Whether it's Ben Simmons streaming Call of Duty on Twitch, or NBA 2K20 simulations on television, the worlds of sports and video games are growing ever closer while we wait for live sports to return.

And the idea of pitting real athletes from different teams against each other adds yet another layer of competition to the experience: it's not exactly the same, but on Opening Day, you'll be able to root for Rhys Hoskins.


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