The Phanatic is center of attention in this hysterical clip from Phils game


Even though Citizens Bank Park was packed with fans (cardboard cutouts) all season long, the Phanatic had to do the heavy lifting when it came to creating energy across the ballpark.

So in the last home game of the regular season, he made sure to go out with a bang — by making those on the field and everyone watching from home aware of the shenanigans he has been doing for the past few months.

With a big bag of popcorn in hand, he made his way across the Diamond Club — the section of seats just behind home plate — to try and get a better view of the game.

All seemed well with the giant green fella, until it wasn't.

To put it best — he wiped out — popcorn all in the air and the Phanatic on the ground. It was big enough for one of the cameramen to turn around and acknowledge the spill, but of course, the Phanatic tried to pin it on a cutout.

Nice try, buddy.