As a city, Philadelphia has had their fair share of exciting games and events throughout the years. Some of the craziest and historic games across all leagues have involved either the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies or Sixers. 

It got me thinking — if fans had just one iconic game they were able to rewatch (not including championships), which game would it be? 

Here are some of the best I received from each sport.


A larger collection of responses for the Phillies seemed to be Roy Halladay’s perfect game that occurred back on May 29, 2010. Halladay solidified his place in MLB history, being just one of the 23 pitchers to have had one. 

There were also honorable mentions of when they clinched the NL East in 2008, Cole Hamel’s no-hitter and many more. 


… or should I say other NBA fans who wanted to troll my tweet. There are few things in Sixers history that can top the famous Allen Iverson step over that occurred in the 2001 NBA Finals. 

Of course, Raptors fans had to come in and ruin the fun though with these:

I was just trying to create a fun little conversation on Philly Twitter … I should’ve known better. 


The Flyers have had their fair share of fun games throughout the history of their franchise. From the Stadium Series just last season, to the historic 5 OT game against the Penguins, a win against the Bruins in Game 7 and many more.

It’s safe to say that even with a few back-to-back mediocre seasons in recent years, there has been a ton of fun hockey to make up for it in the past and now present (or will be present again … once the NHL returns). 


Eagles fans must have a pact when it comes to this question, because at least 80% of the responses were Miracle at the Meadowlands … I would also fall under that category, so there is no room to talk. Who could pass up watching DeSean Jackson’s punt return over and over again? Chills every time. 

Other popular selections were also against division rivals — including 2010 Monday Night Football against the Redskins and the most dominant win in Eagles franchise history against the Cowboys. 

And even though I had specified that it couldn’t be a championship game … it’s hard to pick a game as meaningful as this one. 

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