Things have ground to a halt in Philadelphia in the 48 hours since Jim Salisbury reported the Phillie Phanatic was set for a makeover of sorts. 

There’s been anger, there’s been sadness, agony, but more than anything else a sense of confusion in the city. Not confusion why. That’s all explained here. It’s been more of a philosophical why. “Why is this happening to me and to those I hold dear?”

The changes, though, aren't too significant. If you're a die-hard, you'll probably notice several of the differences, but all fans will still recognize our jolly ol' fella from the Galapagos Islands.

The first look at the “new” Phanatic will be this afternoon when the Phillies host the Pirates at 1 p.m. on NBC Sports Philadelphia ...

... but here’s a preview. 


My guy straight up pelvic thrust his way into weight redistribution. Forever a scientific marvel.

The snout is smaller and a bit of a different shape. The tail is longer with a different color at the end. New shoes and socks. New scales(?) on the arms. And it looks like he’s seeing a new optometrist.

There are definite springtime vibes in Philly, across Florida and Arizona and in each of the major-league cities. Baseball is back and in a few short hours, we’ll get the crack of the bat and the big green guy's usual hijinks.

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