Phillies adjusting autograph policy as coronavirus precaution


As pro sports leagues and teams mull precautionary changes to prevent further spread of coronavirus, the Phillies are making a temporary adjustment to their autograph policy.

Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, the Phillies will distribute pre-signed baseballs and photo cards to fans seeking autographs.

Here is the full statement from the team Saturday morning:

The Phillies recognize that autograph signing for some fans is part of the overall appeal of attending spring training games. As a precautionary measure for both our players and our fans, we are making adjustments to this experience based on recommendations from the CDC.

As a temporary solution, we have asked players to pre-sign a limited number of baseballs and photo cards in the clubhouse in advance of the game. Security personnel will be available to assist players in the distribution of these pre-signed items before the start of our home games here in Clearwater."

The leagues are taking this seriously. The NBA is preparing for the possibility of playing games without fans and media in attendance because of the coronavirus outbreak.