Updated: 12 p.m.

While there's been plenty of buzz about the possibility that the Phillies could land both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, it's an outlandish thought. 

“There has been some speculation about what we’re going to do which I find to be just someone just didn’t put a paper and pencil together and do the math,” club president Andy MacPhail said on Oct. 2.

Still, it's not at all crazy to think the Phillies could land one of those stars.

The oddsmakers currently have the Phillies as the favorite to sign Harper and as the favorite to land Machado.

The odds have shifted on Harper in a big way, and they've done so in the Phillies' favor.

When the odds opened, the Phillies started off with the third-best odds to land the highly prized free agent and former MVP.

Now, they're even money.

The Phillies are willing to spend, and even players like Jake Arrieta are ready to make their pitches to Harper for why he should join the Phillies.

Harper coming to Philadelphia would require a little positional shifting, but as our Corey Seidman detailed, moving Carlos Santana to third base, Rhys Hoskins back to first and having Harper play in the outfield makes a lot of sense, and makes the Phillies' lineup look a lot stronger.

As for Machado, Bovada thinks it's more likely that he'd sign with the Phillies than stay in Los Angeles after the Dodgers' loss in the World Series.

Harper and Machado are each incredible players in their own right, though there are questions about whether Machado's hustle-averse attitude would work in Philadelphia.

While the Phillies are the oddsmakers' favorites at the moment for Harper and for Machado, that of course does not mean they're the favorite to sign both players — as MacPhail said, that is, in all likelihood, just not a realistic possibility.

It's also worth noting that it's just a day after the World Series, and there's plenty of time for the odds to shift again as the Phillies enter a crucial offseason.

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