Rollins seems to be dabbling in the marijuana industry

Jimmy Rollins/Facebook

Who can forget Jimmy Rollins' unanticipated, gaudy guarantee in 2007 that the Phillies were the team to beat? Now, the former MVP and World Series champ is doing something unexpected once again, as the Phillies hits king is entering the marijuana industry.

While the extent of Rollins' involvement is unclear, the Oakland native posted a photo to his Facebook page and Instagram story with a picture of the “JRO11 pre-roll” which is for sale at a marijuana dispensary in Hayward, California:

The packaging of the “pre-roll” features Jimmy’s nickname (J-Roll) colored red, with Rollins' playing number (11) replacing the two L’s in his last name. The nickname is overlaid onto a baseball bat leaving no doubt who inspired the marijuana cigarette.

The pre-roll is for sale on the dispensary website for $12. To be honest, I think they missed a great chance at some marketing synergy between the name, Rollins' playing number, and the price point: $11 a pop, and you’ve got some real harmony.

Rollins is apparently joining a plethora of former players and current athletes dabbling in the marijuana industry. Everyone, from Joe Montana to Olympian Gabby Douglas, has some sort of stake in the booming field. NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton even has a licensing deal for his own strain of cannabis, which also features his likeness. You can pick that up at the same shop as Jimmy’s product in Hayward. 


Marijuana is legal in California for recreational and medicinal use, and Pennsylvania could be following suit after Gov. Tom Wolf called last week for legalization.

Rollins joined the Phillies as a special advisor in January 2019 and was a member of the broadcast team last season, but it seems like J-Roll is still expanding into other arenas.

Hey, you have to do something while you’re waiting for that call from Cooperstown.