As Phillies move on from Klentak, fans finally show optimism on social media


Late Saturday afternoon, it was announced that Matt Klentak had stepped down as the Phillies general manager

After holding the title for five years and failing to end any of them with a winning record or trip to the postseason, there will be a new face leading the Phillies into the 2021 season. Until the role is filled though, assistant general manager Ned Rice will serve as interim GM, according to the team. 

This is a move that Phillies fans were hoping for just about every time the bullpen entered a game in the condensed season due to COVID-19. Now that the moment has finally arrived, fans have taken to social media to share their reactions to the news. 

From expressing how they feel, to unfinished business they still want addressed and even some optimism moving forward, it's all here: 

And remember that optimism I mentioned? 

One thing remains on the minds of fans - the future with J.T. Realmuto ... and they're using this news to let everyone know that. 

So, at least the Phillies got a single win in October, right? 

Let's hope in the seasons to come, there will be many more.