Phils' Wheeler lists swanky Center City condo for cool $1.9M


It's been a big month for Philadelphia's star athletes and the real estate biz.

Earlier this month the Sixers' disgruntled All-Star Ben Simmons listed both a Center City condo and a South Jersey home for sale as he prepares to (maybe, one day, eventually) leave Philadelphia in a trade.

And now Phillies pitcher Zack Wheeler, coming off the best season of his career, has listed his own Center City condo at Two Liberty Place (h/t Philadelphia Business Journal) for a cool $1.99M - you know, if you just happen to have that in the bank.

(Interestingly, former Phillies pitcher and World Series MVP Cole Hamels once lived in the same building. Small world for the ultra-rich who can deal!)

The 1,960-square-foot condo, a penthouse unit in the building, has just two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms but makes up for the relatively modest amenities with panorama views of the greater Philadelphia area that'll make your head explode.

Just look at the view from the living room:

That's straight out of a movie. It's truly glorious in the sun, though I'd imagine it might be a little terrifying when a Nor'easter rips through the area.

I also love the bedroom, but have a similar question about the ceiling: does the sunlight just rip right in and blind you ever morning? Does the bedroom come with custom-built curtains that I'm missing? Take your best guess:


The kitchen is pretty solid with a floor-to-ceiling refrigerator and a nice marble island, though an induction burner is less-than-thrilling: 

But I guess if you can afford to live here you're not as reliant on home cooking as I am.

Also, strong walk-in closet game:

Overall, not a bad place, but also not exactly my speed. I'd imagine that Zack and his wife Dominique are looking for a little more space as their son grows up and wants to roam. Wheeler is under contract through 2024, so don't worry: he's not going anywhere. (At least, I hope.)

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