Phils changing up their road uniforms at players' request


We're not talking about a game, and we're not talking about a practice: we're talking about uniforms.

Specifically, the uniforms the Phillies wear for road games. The team has been wearing gray for most road games since 1993, with a minor stylistic update in 2007. But according to the team's superstar Bryce Harper, the Fightins are going to get a splash of color on the road.

The Phils are going to wear red tops in their series finale against the Dodgers, and then again in their series finale against the Giants. The red tops will be worn "sporadically on the road" for the rest of the year, according to's Todd Zolecki.

The Phils' right fielder didn't mince any words explaining his thought process behind pushing for less gray and more pizzazz:

"I think wearing gray all the time is just boring. I mean, really. Being able to kind of put something else out there that’s a little bit different. … We’ve been talking about it as a team. We kind of took it up the ladder and talked to people about it and they said, 'Hey, let’s give it a try.'"

And, as much as you might like the understated simplicity of the road gray uniform, you have to admit that Harper is right.

As a huge uniform/jersey/sweater geek, I can't stand when teams wear gray instead of white, black, or any other color. There's nothing more drab than gray, no matter the tone. It screams "Who cares?", which is the last message you want to send when you're hitting the field. Put a little effort into the outfit!


You also can't blame Harper for trying to shake things up for the Phils in terms of their road effort. Since he joined the team in 2019, the Phillies are 56-85 on the road including two losses to the Dodgers this week, a winning percentage of just .400. Even if you're raking at home, that's not going to get the job done, and Harper seems tired of waiting for a playoff run. 

Ultimately, teams should have way more fun with their jerseys in all major sports, but especially baseball. The City Connect uniforms are a good start - hopefully the Phillies eventually get one in a future year and it rocks - but don't be afraid to throw some color and flair into your lineup now and then. It's a long season.

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