Amaro offers strong Phillies opinions and drops some news on latest podcast


The latest Phillies Talk podcast has landed and special guest Ruben Amaro Jr. delivers some strong opinions and even a little news.

The chat begins with some memories of the guy whose picture hangs on Amaro’s wall and moves on to a number of other topics, including:

• The Phillies’ performance in the month of April. Are they fortunate to be .500 and in first place in the NL East? 

• The troubling slippage in fundamental play with the Phillies and around baseball.

• Manager Joe Girardi’s performance.

• Is the team showing enough urgency?

• The scary incident involving Bryce Harper in St. Louis on Wednesday night?

• Can it bring the team together?

• Why is offense down in baseball and with the Phillies?

• Not enough contact at the plate equals “a brand of baseball that stinks.”

• Where have the hands and the quick swings gone?

• Harper is one tough son of a gun.

• Respect for Hector Neris and Nolan Arenado and the importance of building a brotherhood in the clubhouse.

• Odubel Herrera is the best option the Phillies have in centerfield.

• What is the biggest need Dave Dombrowski will have to fill if this team is to contend?

• And how about Amaro dropping some news such as the latest on Cole Hamels and who might be on the Colorado Rockies’ radar screen as they transition to a new general manager.


It’s all on the latest edition of Phillies Talk. Give it a listen.

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