Is Scott Kingery gearing up to join the Flyers? Okay, not really.

Day one-too-many of no sports and Philly fans are still trying to find ways to fill the void in their lives – and their hearts. Well, City of Brotherly Love, the Phillies are right there with you.

On Sunday, Scott Kingery posted what can be argued as, a visual representation of most of us trying to keep ourselves entertained amid precautionary social distancing, to his Instagram story. The Phillies infielder took a swing (ha) at a sport far beyond the baseball diamond, facing off against the city’s favorite Rookie – Rookie Hoskins, that is – in a game of kitchen hockey.

While it’s been a few days since we’ve seen the Flyers in action, we’re fairly certain that their gear was far from regulation. Unless we’ve missed a game or two when Claude Giroux opted for striped shorts and a black t-shirt over the glorious Flyers’ black and orange. Not to mention, Kingery’s choice in skates (rollerblades), puck (seemingly slightly chewed tennis ball), and hockey stick (a literal stick), probably wouldn’t get him very far on fresh Wells Fargo Center ice. 

Rookie, on the other hand, entered the game au natural, as as most dogs would, using his paws and bark to defend home… um, kitchen.


“Unbelievable defense by @thelifeofrookie,” wrote Kingery.