Kingery trying to avoid making an ugly bit of Phillies history


2020 has been a memorable year, and at the same time, one that many of us would like to forget.

Certainly Scott Kingery is on the list of those that can’t wait for the year to be over.

Now he just wants to stay on the right side of history.

After battling COVID-19, Kingery spent time on the disabled list with a back injury. He has nearly twice as many strikeouts this season (27) as hits (14). And he is last in the major leagues in batting average, among players with at least 100 plate appearances.

With six games remaining in the season, Kingery’s batting average sits at .147. It was at .138 before a 9th inning double Monday gave it a boost. While getting to .200 would require a serious hot streak, he is in danger of becoming the first Phillies position player to hit below .150 with 100 PA in 66 years.

Ted Kazanski - a utility infielder who played his entire six-year big-league career with the Phillies, but was out of the majors for good by the age of 24 - went 14-for-104 (.135) with the Phils back in 1954. 

(He’s also the answer to another trivia question: Who was the only Phillies player to hit an inside-the-park home run and start a triple play in the same game? Kazanski accomplished that feat in the 1955 season finale.)

A few players have come dangerously close to matching Kazanski's sub-.150 mark in recent years. Just last season, outfielder Nick Williams hit .151 in 112 plate appearances. Backup catcher Mark Parent hit .150 in 1997. Tony Gwynn Jr. didn’t exactly live up to his Hall of Fame father’s legacy, hitting .152, in 2014.


You have to figure Kingery will start at least five of the remaining six games, so let’s say he’ll get 20 more at bats. If so, he would need four hits or more to finish above the .150 mark.

However the season finishes for Kingery, he is in serious need of some closure to 2020.