Miss Dave Dombrowski's press conference? You can watch it in full here


Dave Dombrowski took questions for about 50 minutes Friday afternoon as he was introduced as the Phillies’ first-ever president of baseball operations.

It’s 2020, so the session took place over Zoom with Dombrowski in Nashville, where he’d been since September with a group trying to bring Major League Baseball to the city.

Many big-picture topics came up, such as:

  • How much the Phillies might spend this offseason
  • Dombrowski’s philosophies building an organization
  • His priorities when trading prospects
  • The structure of the Phillies’ front office under him
  • Moves he’s regretted
  • Thoughts on his reputation
  • His opinion of Joe Girardi

If you missed it live, you can check out the full press conference here on YouTube.