CLEARWATER, FL -- What's up, Phillies Nation? It's your man, Lawrence "Larry" McCutcheon, live from sunny Clearwater.

With Spring Training finally upon us, I wanted to talk straight to the fans about my decision to sign with the Phillies this offseason, and the damage I think we can do this year.

As you may have seen by now, 94 WIP reporter Howard Eskin tweeted out a video of my road to recovery this morning:

I'll be honest: last year's ACL tear was a huge bummer, but I'm back to swinging for the fences. I feel like my natural abilities and work ethic give me a chance to compete with Andrew McCutchen (no relation) for the starting left field job. 

We'll push each other to be great.

Now, plenty of you might be concerned about my age, and it's true: I'm 69 years old. You also might be worried about my wear and tear, considering my 11-season career in the NFL, where I made numerous Pro Bowls with the Los Angeles Rams.

But I'm here to reassure you: I, Larry, am here to compete, and I'm here to win. 

When I made the decision to join the Phillies this offseason, I spoke with team president Andy McCutcheon about his vision for this team. He told me one thing:

"Larry, while I want you to do the McCutcheon name proud, I really want you to do the Phillies name proud."


He's right. Ultimately, it's not the name on the back - in my case, McCutcheon - but the name on the front that counts.

Looking around this morning at all my teammates, there's a drive and determination to bring a parade to Brood Street this fall. 

We were built for this. I, Lawrence McCutcheon, was built for this.

I'll see you all real soon up at Chase Bank Park.

*No, the Phillies didn't actually sign a person named Lawrence McCutcheon. We're just making a joke about a typo. Baseball's back.