Actor Rupert Grint welcomes daughter to world while trusting the process


Who knew that Philly sports and Harry Potter would have so many interesting crossovers in 2020?

Seriously, through all the chaos this year ... this is one of the crazier things ... or most random ... or both. 

Definitely both. 

If you don't remember the brilliance of the first time it happened, I implore you to look at this. In early September, Actor Daniel Radcliffe trolled sports radio WIP's Howard Eskin for one of the worst tweets of the year

To preface things, Radcliffe now knows about Phillies' Andrew McCutchen - or I should say Uncle Larry. 

And now we can add another bullet point to this list. (Yes, there are only two bullet points total, but it's two more than anyone ever anticipated). 

It's also more subtle than the first one, but equally as important ... to me, at least. 

Rupert Grint, most known for his role as Ron Weasley, created an Instagram account to announce the birth of his daughter, Wednesday. 

There was one more focal point in his debut picture though - his hat. 


That's right, Grint was rocking some Sixers gear. 

Now all we need is for Emma Watson to meet Gritty ... or something along those lines.