Iverson on Game 6: 'Need one of those James Harden games'


No one ever had to guess what they were going to get from Allen Iverson in a playoff game, oy any game, for that matter.

Iverson was going to do two things: he was going to shoot the ball a ton, and he was going to give it everything he had. These are very similar to what Sixers fans expected from James Harden when he was traded here a few months ago.

Iverson’s former team has turned what looked like a cakewalk of a series into a dogfight against the Raptors after a 15-point Game 5 loss where Harden took just 11 shots.

Iverson was a guest Wednesday on The Mike Missanelli Show, and he was asked about the Sixers’ point guard.

Iverson: “I don’t see James being as aggressive as he should be. I want to see him more aggressive. But James tries to play the game the right way, tries to get everybody involved and everything. I think we need one of those ‘James Harden games’ that he’s won multiple scoring titles with. We need him to be extremely aggressive and not worry so much about getting everybody involved, but still trying to play the game the right way.

Missanelli: “He needs to get more than 11 shots up, in other words.”

Iverson: “ABSOLUTELY! [laughs] Absolutely. And I don’t compare no one to me, but anybody who knows how I played the game, if there was a game where we were getting ready to get closed out, or have to close somebody out [in a playoff series], I’m not leaving no bullets in the chamber. Because once the war’s over, there’s no need to have any bullets left.”


Not sure you can put it any better. Empty the tank. The NBA is a game of superstars, the Playoffs even moreso, and Harden is a future Hall of Famer. When it comes down to it, you got to do what the team brought you here to do.

Give everything you have, and keep firing.