How dare Sixers fans boo Simmons? Green is right


As Sixers fans, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

Sixers wing Danny Green said on the Takeoff with John Clark podcast that we, the fans, need to be supportive of our teams no matter what.

We were wrong. Green was right.

We should stand and cheer for our team no matter what, even when “no matter what” means blowing an 18-point lead, and then a 26-point lead, in back-to-back postseason games against the Hawks. The Sixers fought valiantly in those games, and we should appreciate their efforts.

Teams lose leads all the time! The NBA is a sport of runs. The Sixers made a great run, almost coming back from a 26-point deficit in Game 1 (they didn’t). 

We have been too hard on Ben Simmons specifically. I mean, how often have we seen NBA players refuse to shoot a basketball for prolonged stretches? The Hall of Fame is littered with legends who pass up wide-open dunks.

Simmons does so much for the team, we should be enlightened enough to understand if he has a blind spot for the one skill that every other basketball player in the history of the sport has, and works to improve. We need to understand that it’s our problem, not Simmons', that we place such a high value on scoring. It’s only the way that basketball teams determine who wins every game.


He’s a three-time All-Star! For that reason alone, we should cheer everything he does, as well as everything he doesn’t do.

Basketball is hard! And our booing only makes it harder. So hard, in fact, that our poor, dear Ben couldn’t bring himself to shoot – even once – in four straight fourth quarters. I wouldn’t shoot either. Let someone else be the hero. 

So shame on us. Shame on us for showing disappointment in a team that fell short of our obviously unrealistic expectations. Maybe if we lighten up, Green, Simmons and the team will be so inspired, they’ll reward us with a championship.