Ben Simmons makes clear where his allegiance lies


Ben Simmons wants you to vote in the 2020 election and he's made it known where his allegiance lies. As if calling President Donald Trump an idiot and more a few years ago wasn’t enough, shortly before midnight Friday, Simmons used the power of his 977K follower Twitter account to endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Most recently in June, Simmons undermined Trump’s leadership abilities calling him “cowardly” and his words “cold.”

For someone who doesn’t tweet regularly, Simmons’ message Friday is the third mention about voting on his feed in the last 10 days, which speaks to his passion about getting people to cast their ballot.

The Sixers as an organization have also tried to spur Americans to the polls with their “Vote 76” initiative. The objective is to provide education and resources to fans through community partnerships in order to encourage them to vote on November 3. 

You can log on to for a one stop shop of sorts. There you can gain information about how to register and receive key dates and deadlines which affect the upcoming election.