Simmons has chance to make fans *very* happy with uniform design


It's a few seasons later, but it looks like Ben Simmons is finally going to take part in designing a new uniform for the Sixers. 

Confused? Let's catch you up to speed. 

Back in November of the 2017-18 season, team president Chris Heck prompted Simmons that if he were to win Rookie of the Year, he'd let him design a uniform for the following season. 

And we all know how that panned out: 

Maybe that first Heck tweet got lost in that offseason ... but he resurfaced it himself Sunday afternoon with a follow up. 

Simmons made sure acknowledge the message and wrap it up with his signature emoji. 

Now that fans have this idea fresh on their minds, they've been pitching ideas to the two-time All-Star. Apparently, everyone has one concept in mind: 

The 2020-21 season will also be the 20th anniversary of the last time the Sixers made it to the NBA Final. These black uniforms, most commonly recognized as part of the Allen Iverson era of Sixers basketball have remained a fan favorite ever since. 

Since tweeting that out, Heck also changed his profile picture to Iverson in that exact uni. 

There's one more fun fact that could further justify going with this classic throwback. The Sixers honored the anniversary of the 1982-83 NBA title team 20 years later, by wearing the road uniforms from that winning season. 

While they were only worn once - March 14, 2003 against Portland - fans would definitely love to see the iconic black uniforms more frequently. It's something to keep an eye on. 


You know what to do, Ben.