Ben Simmons' surprising Instagram should please Sixers fans


Ben Simmons has a bit of a reputation, among Sixers fans and among basketball fans at large, for being content with his status quo: he's a great, not elite, basketball player.

And it would be hard to blame Simmons for feeling fulfilled after earning First Team All-Defense and now Third Team All-NBA recognition so far this month.

But the message Simmons posted to his Instagram on Wednesday afternoon should have Sixers fans feeling pretty good about the young playmaker's mindset heading into next season:


"No vacation, don't deserve it."

That's great.

That's exactly the way Sixers fans - and, frankly, the organization itself - should want the 24-year-old star feeling heading into this offseason.

Simmons improved basically every part of his game this season, from his defense to his free throw shooting. And it's not his fault he missed his team's first-round exit with an injury. 

But this is no time for a player with his ceiling to be complacent, and Simmons clearly wants to keep getting better. As we saw Tuesday night, even the most accomplished NBA players like Kawhi Leonard aren't guaranteed entry to the Finals.

Simmons was also probably a little salty watching Jamal Murray, his fellow 2016 draftee, and the Nuggets reach the Conference Finals before the Sixers. A little friendly competition never hurt. In fact, it'll probably help.