Is this picture of Simmons training fool's gold for Sixers fans?


If a picture says a 1,000 words, I’m not sure what Sixers fans will make of Klutch Sports latest Instagram post with Ben Simmons.

In a slideshow of pro ballers signed to the sports agency all working out playing some half court hoops, there’s a snapshot of Simmons shooting a three pointer over the outstretched arm of Suns rookie Jalen Lecque.


Make of his form what you wish, but primarily it’s great for Sixers fans to see Simmons competing on the court after an injury and subsequent knee surgery which ended his 2020 campaign before the Sixers playoff run. 

Health aside, the burning question I’m curious about regarding Sixers fans is can they endure another offseason of Simmons workout videos and open runs where he shoots jumpers and three pointers freely, but rarely shows that part of his game on an NBA court?

If you read the comments section of the post, that would be a resounding no.

It’s been nearly a year since Simmons wetted his first regular season NBA three. Taking 172 games to do so.

Part of the frustration for Sixers fans is that despite Simmons reluctance, you can’t argue with the rhythm and smoothness he had stroking that corner three.

It seems like a part of his game that would be easy to add and would give the Sixers tremendous spacing benefits because teams can’t sag off, daring Simmons to shoot, or go under screens because there’s a slim chance of the 24-year-old popping out for a jumper on pick and rolls.


It’s Doc River’s issue to deal with now. The Sixers new head coach is on record saying Simmons shooting threes “isn’t a big deal” to him because it’s the team scoring that matters most and he doesn’t care where points come from. 

That makes a lot of sense, but the moment Simmons glaringly passes up an open jumper in the natural flow of the game the questions and second guessing will be loud enough to hear from South Philly across the Ben Franklin.

Let’s hope this photo represents real progress and not the fool’s gold Sixers fans have fallen for in the past.