Harper, Johnson crack same joke about Sixers hiring Rivers


Doc Rivers is the Sixers' new head coach, a hire that generally received positive reviews from people around the league.

But how is Rivers going to fit in within Philadelphia's sports landscape?

If these two reactions from some of the city's top stars are any indication, he's going to get an insane amount of name-related jokes and puns while he's here.

In the hours after Rivers' hire on Thursday evening, both Phillies right fielder Bryce Harper and Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson took to social media to provide us with their insightful and analytical reactions to the move.

Here's what Harper had to offer:

And here's what Johnson had to offer:

Real funny stuff, guys. It's been less than 24 hours and we're all already making the same jokes. Talk about synergy.

Of course, the real question is whether NBC Sports Philadelphia's Marc Zumoff, who has famously called Rivers by his first name, Glenn, will even call Rivers "Doc" during his time as head coach. (Because there is only one Doctor in this city.)

In a Twitter poll after the hiring, we asked fans if Zumoff should go with "Doc" or "Glenn", and as of Friday morning fans were leaning towards Doc by about 500 votes out of more than 8,000:

We know at least two Philly athletes who agree that the city might finally have its second Doctor.