Doc Rivers will be coaching yet another relative this NBA season


Family ties are nothing new to the Sixers. There was Jrue Holiday and Justin Holiday sharing a backcourt in 2013. You have Jerry Colangelo going full nepotism and hiring his son as president of basketball operations in 2016 before his wife's wild Twitter burner accounts led to him stepping down in 2018. Remember when Jahlil Okafor's father threatened to slap a lowly local Sixers blogger too?

Hiring Doc Rivers last month brings another level to the franchise's familial bonds. Rivers' son Austin is famously an eight-year veteran who's played in Houston the last two seasons when Daryl Morey was running the shots. The younger Rivers is an upcoming free agent and while it's not known whether Rivers will ever want to play for his dad again, there is at least one family member Rivers will be coaching this season: Seth Curry.

Yes, Doc Rivers is not the first (or second) relative you think of when you see that Curry's name, but Seth married Callie Rivers, Doc's daughter, last fall. The couple has a child born in 2018 as well.

The Six Degrees of Doc don't stop there. Callie used to date Paul George, who Doc just got finished coaching with the Clippers, which must have been somewhat uncomfortable to say the least, but, hey, when you've coached your own son in the NBA for four seasons, you're likely used to it.

Just when you thought you had all the TMZ info memorized, don't forget that Seth and Steph's sister Sydel is married to Warriors guard Damion on top of it all.


I don't think these relationships ultimately matter once players take the court, but I'm expecting that the Sixers' games against the Clippers and Warriors will be a tad more chippy this season.