Drake makes amusing cameo in LeBron James' celebratory video

LeBron James

Drake was on his worst behavior on Tuesday.

After LeBron James broke the NBA's all-time leading scoring record against the Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA on TNT unveiled a series of videos featuring players and celebrities praising the kid from Akron for his achievement.

Notable figures ranged from Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar, but it was Drake's cameo that caught the attention of fans.

Drake starts by completing a random hesitation crossover move before speaking to the camera in front of green bleachers.

"LeBron, what a legendary night in NBA history," he starts. "You're breaking the all-time scoring record, and to honor that, I had to come back to the place it all started: Akron, Ohio. Every journey has it's beginning, and tonight -- "

The camera momentarily lost its feed, then a green screen in the background fell down and exposed Drake for where he really was -- a nightclub in Miami.

"I lied," Drake continues on nervously. "I lied to you. I'm actually still at the club in Miami...congrats, brother. Sorry, sorry."

James needed 36 points entering the game to beat Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's mark, and he finished with 38 in 34 minutes despite the narrow 133-130 late comeback loss.