Graphic designer creates possibly the best Sixers alternate jerseys yet


The Sixers' decision to opt for black, Boathouse Row-themed alternate jerseys for this upcoming season have been, uh, controversial to say the least. While the conversation around them has been divisive in Philly, I'm left wishing that online graphic designer and jersey aficionado Conrad Burry was in charge of the franchise's uniform decisions.

Taking a cue from the NHL's new "Reverse Retro" uniform theme, Burry created similar reverse throwback jerseys for teams around the NBA. I'm not going to lie, I'd take his Sixers design over anything the team is currently sporting:

It's the Allen Iverson-era logo with an improved red jersey over their current cursive Sixers font threads. It's both retro and futuristic simultaneously. I need a Tyrese Maxey one stat.

I'd also like at least 20 jerseys from his entire set too, viewable here:

This wouldn't be a real article if I didn't drop a take and rank all 32 jerseys. Here we go:

1. Grizzlies

2. Raptors

3. Lakers

4. Jazz

5. Sixers

6. Timberwolves

7. Hornets

8. Pistons

9. Rockets

10. Pelicans

11. Bulls

12. Nuggets

13. Nets

14. Knicks

15. Bucks

16. Hawks

17. Sonics

18. Heat

19. Clippers

20. Cavaliers 

21. Suns

22. Kings

23. Bobcats

24. Trail Blazers 

25. Pacers

26. Magic

27. Warriors

28. Mavericks

29. Thunder

30. Spurs

31. Wizards

32. Celtics