Embiid finds way to send NBA fans into frenzy on social media

USA Today Images/NBCSP

There are a handful of iconic pairs in the world that everyone knows about — peanut butter and jelly, yin and yang — but they need to clear the way for Joel Embiid and Twitter.

The Sixers haven't even been out of the playoffs for two full weeks and Embiid is already up to no good on social media ... and by no good, we mean absolutely great.

His latest surge on the app came Wednesday night out of the blue, when he sent out something that would stress out even the most casual of fans.

... If they didn't know the context behind it, at least. Minutes later, he followed up with this:

Back in February, Embiid starred in a Mountain Dew commercial that couldn't have been more perfectly written for him.

Still, even with the joking clarification on his first tweet, fans across the NBA went a little crazy for the four (yes, only four) minutes with just the initial one.

This also caused the photoshoppers to come out to play.

This one wins as the worst though, I'm sure you'll agree.

Don't worry though, Sixers fans. Embiid cleared the air just a little bit later ... though everyone was definitely stressed out for entire that duration.

And to think this all happened in the span of 19 minutes ... the internet is a crazy place.