T.O. wants LaMelo Ball on the Sixers


You could hop on the internet on any day ending in “Y” and get lost down a rabbit hole of Sixers trade rumors and schemes, particularly surrounding the team’s two cornerstones, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

With the rampant offseason speculation on how to properly reshape the Sixers roster following their first-round playoff sweep leading the way, everyone with a keyboard and a mind for hoops is hypothesizing scenarios of how the two All-Stars could land on almost any of the NBA’s 30 teams.

Doc Rivers’ hire as the Sixers' new head coach gave all of that conjecture new life this week, and one person who chimed in on a pretty frequent trade innuendo had a distinct Philly flavor.

Former Eagles wideout Terrell Owens being a fan of the flashy wunderkind and possible No. 1 one overall pick LaMelo Ball is not a big surprise considering his own propensity for flair and drama. Linking Ben Simmons up with his former high school teammate, D’Angelo Russell, is also a familiar refrain in NBA rumor mills. 

The fact that the Timberwolves own the No. 1 pick in the Nov. 18 draft and that the Sixers must reshape their roster in order to contend next season does make the hearsay that much juicer. 

T.O. co-signing it doesn’t make it more real, but for a guy who flirted with playing professional hoops at one time and at 46 still clocked a 4.42 in the 40-yard dash a couple of months back, it kind of makes you think.


Honestly, the place where Philly could really use the Hall of Famer is tonight in San Francisco when the injury-riddled Eagles attempt to lock up their first win with a receiving corps that is about as inexperienced as a 15-year-old driver with a learner’s permit.

As far as trades go, GM Elton Brand has vowed to build a roster around his franchise pieces, Embiid and Simmons. Plus, the Sixers won’t be headed down the trade path anytime soon. They still have more in-house issues to address