Daryl Morey's incredible troll shows he already gets Philly


Daryl Morey has been with the Sixers for about a month, but it's clear the guy already understands Philly.

On Wednesday, Morey kickstarted his restructuring of the Sixers' wonky roster, shipping off Al Horford and Josh Richardson and then drafting Tyrese Maxey, a 20-year-old ball of energy who has the Sixers fanbase very excited.

Morey, who spends more time being publicly online than most NBA front office members, took to Twitter on Thursday to share some Maxey highlights, a classic NBA Twitter gesture. Already good stuff from a guy trying to reach a new city of fans.

And then Morey brought out the big guns with a top-tier troll of the Thunder:

For those missing the context: the Sixers were only able to select Maxey at No. 21 overall because former Sixer Mike Muscala hit a game-winning three in the waning seconds of a Bubble game this past August. The pick was top-20 protected from the Markelle Fultz trade. Because Muscala hit that shot, the Thunder finished with the No. 21 pick in the league's Draft order, and the Sixers got the pick.

So, to celebrate landing Maxey, Morey shared the highlight of that exact Muscala shot. Ha.

It's a gloriously subtle troll of the Thunder, right after Oklahoma City took Horford off the Sixers' hands.

And it also feels like a little bit of a callback, ever so slightly, to the Sam Hinkie era, when waiting for draft picks to convey felt like the main objective of the Sixers' regular seasons.


Just good stuff all around.

The Daryl Morey era truly is upon us, and so far it's very fun.

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