Sam Hinkie dropped in on Daryl Morey's press conference


After a hugely busy NBA Draft night, Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey spoke with reporters to explain the Al Horford trade, the Tyrese Maxey pick, and everything else.

And it seems like a notable friend of Morey's tuned in to get the lowdown on his favorite team.

Perhaps you remember the name... Sam Hinkie?

One hawk-eyed Twitter user noted that Hinkie joined the Sixers' Twitter stream as Morey was chatting about his first major moves with the organization:

We see you, Sam!

The divisive former Sixers general manager still engenders a ton of angry discussion among Philly sports fans - was the Process the right move, or an embarrassing failure? - so to see him around the team, even in this distant digital form, will certainly have folks talking.

Hinkie learned under Morey during their shared time with the Rockets, before Hinkie landed the Sixers' GM job. While the Sixers tried to distance themselves from the Hinkie school of thought and perception after Hinkie was forced out, hiring more traditional basketball minds, the organization seems to have admitted its mistake with the Morey hire.

Hinkie was hugely supportive of the Morey hire when he spoke last month, and explained in detail why he thinks Morey is a perfect fit for the Sixers.

This isn't to say the Sixers are about to hire Hinkie back, or that Morey is going to take the kind of extreme approach that Hinkie took with the Process.


But it's still pretty cool to see Mr. Pick Swap himself tuning in to a Sixers broadcast, after everything that's happened.

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