Horford's siblings randomly rip Sixers, Philly fans


The Al Horford experiment didn't work out when he signed with the Sixers. It didn't work out for the team, it didn't work out for Horford, it didn't work out for anyone. It stunk!

So the Sixers traded him after one season, and now after returning to the Celtics he's two wins away from an NBA title - and maybe even a shot at MVP. Good for Al. It's frustrating watching him ball out in Boston because of how things went during his time in Philly, but I don't have any particular animus against the guy and I don't think many Sixers fans pointedly hate him.

Horford's family, however, clearly still has Philly on the mind.

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In a story published this week at The Athletic about Horford's journey back to Boston after leaving in free agency, three of his siblings decided to comment in different 

Anna is his sister (you know that already), Maria is his other sister, and Josh is his younger brother.

Here's some of what the triumvirate had to say:

"'I tell people I think we fully manifested his return to Boston because we all wanted it so badly. We kind of put that out there,' Anna said. 'Al has alluded to that, as well. He always was homesick for Boston when he was in Philly and when he was in Oklahoma. Somehow, the stars aligned, and we got back here, and it just worked out perfectly.'



"'We stayed Celtics fans when he was in Philly and when he was in OKC. We couldn't let go,' Maria said. 'They showed us so much love, and that wasn’t something we were ready to let go of, so we just never did. And we're back!'

"'Philly fans hated us there,' Anna added. 'They hated us for it.'

"'We continued to root for Boston, because they’re not d**kheads,' said Josh."

Hey, Josh: go away.

Sorry we couldn't root for your brother while he averaged 12 points per game, put up the worst field goal percentage of his career, and cost the team $28 million all while clapping like a maniac.

Anna's had her problems with Sixers fans forever, and Josh has also been spicy in the past.


Congrats on the dunks, I guess. Instead of enjoying your brother's long-awaited, deserved title run you're still trying to get jokes off about an entirely different city and team. That's... kind of sad? And it sounds like you need to move on? But that's just me!