When does NBA free agency 2020 start?


After spending wildly last summer, it's unlikely that the Sixers will be big players once NBA free agency kicks off, whenever that may be.

With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing the NBA league calendar back significantly, free agency included, it remains to be seen when exactly many basketball fans' favorite part of the year will begin.

For now, the 2020 NBA Draft will occur on Wednesday, November 18.

As usual, free agency will start in the weeks following the draft. Given that the NBA is reportedly eyeing a January start for the 2021 season, it's realistic to think teams would be able to sign free agents at some point in December.

The Sixers will have the taxpayer mid-level exception at their disposal in free agency, which they could use to bring in a key reserve on a contract of around $6 million per year.

That may not happen though, as the franchise is over the luxury tax threshold and such a move would add approximately $18 million to their luxury tax bill. Ownership may view that as too steep of a move.

2020 NBA free agency information

When: TBD