A bad omen surfaces for Sixers' Game 7 vs. Hawks


The Sixers fought and clawed their way to a Game 6 win to force their second-round series with the Hawks to a winner-take-all battle at home. Considering the way Game 5 went, Friday night's victory was an impressive display from a team that could've simply laid down, and it seems like fans have been rejuvenated.

But fans, I've got a little cause for concern before Game 7 even tips off - and it has nothing to do with on-court matchups, injury updates, or free throw woes.

According to the league's Locker Vision website, the Sixers are scheduled to wear their red statement jerseys for Game 7 against the Hawks, while the Hawks wear their black statement jerseys.

Jersey info isn't normally a big deal, but those red statement jerseys are the same ones the Sixers wore in Toronto against the Raptors in that fateful Game 7 back in 2019. 

You know the one.

Now, I'm not saying the mere fact that the Sixers are wearing the red statement jerseys means they're doomed for another heartbreaking Game 7 loss. The Sixers are the better team this time around, they're at home instead of on the road, and this is a different Sixers lineup.

But if you're into superstitions... this doesn't feel great. Those red unis running up and down the court aren't going to help as everyone in the Delaware Valley tries to keep their blood pressure in check on Sunday night.

Some Sixers fans have already started a petition to stop the jerseys from being worn on Sunday. They're up against a tight window to get things changed, but I appreciate the commitment.


Oh, and the Sixers have worn the red statement uniforms just once so far this series... in Game 1. Which the Hawks won in Philadelphia. So there's that, too.

Here's hoping the Sixers come out firing and blow the doors off the Hawks, and we don't have to sweat another Game 7 in those outfits.

UPDATE, June 20: The Sixers must've taken note of fans' displeasure with the red jersey choice, because on Sunday morning the team's official Twitter account shared this message:

Thank goodness. Sixers in 7.