Simmons shoots back at trade buzz with Instagram troll


The Summer of Ben Simmons has been eternal, and the majority of Philadelphia sports fans will probably be happy when they never have to consider the idea of Simmons in a Sixers jersey ever again.

But I've got to give it to Simmons: his latest social media missive is a pretty good jab.

On Tuesday, an hour or so after ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski reiterated that Simmons doesn't ever want to play for the Sixers again and is still planning on holding out, Simmons took to his Instagram story to troll Sixers fans and NBA fans alike.

Amid the swirling "Simmons for John Wall?" speculation (which, no), Simmons posted an eight-second clip of himself in a gym with Wall to his account, featuring Wall yelling for Simmons to leave him alone:

Sometimes you have to simply applaud the troll.

Whether Simmons had this video from a previous gym workout, or he happened to be in the gym with Wall on Tuesday as buzz around his eventual departure from Philadelphia once again grew cacophonous, it's just an expert move. One of those trolls only a three-time All-Star who spends his summer hanging out with the NBA's biggest names could pull off.

Despite it flying in the face of all logic from the Sixers' side, the Simmons-Wall swap speculation has apparently caught on with sportsbooks, too.

The latest odds on Simmons' next team come from PointsBet Sportsbook, where these odds - available only in Colorado - have Houston as Simmons' second-most-likely destination in a deal:


What deal the bettors believe Daryl Morey is making, I have no idea.

This whole situation has taken on many lives over the last few months. I'm ready to find out what's actually going to happen - but we might have to wait a little longer.