Are these the Sixers' new Earned Edition uniforms?


If it feels like NBA teams are unveiling new looks once a month these days, it's because they... kind of are.

We're barely a month removed from the Sixers' City Edition uniform reveal and the kerfuffle that went along with the release, but according to a reported leak on Tuesday night, we might be getting even more new threads.

The leak came from Thunder blog and NBA uniform aficionado @OKCTracker, who tweeted out images of 18 never-before-seen jerseys and shorts that are rumored to be the Earned Edition uniforms for every team that reached the postseason in the Bubble over the summer - and maybe some extras, too.

Here's a look at the full reported lineup:

And here's a closer look at the reported Sixers uniform:

Now, before we pass judgement on the reported Sixers jersey, just how legitimate does this leak seem to be? There was some skepticism on Tuesday night, but by Wednesday morning the GOAT of sports uniform websites, Uni Watch, had a source confirm one of the Earned Edition designs, which seems to indicate these could indeed be real uniforms we'll see later this season.

With that said... eh.

The Sixers one is fine. The numbers look very squeezed into the Liberty Bell on the chest. The lack of any wordmark is sort of odd; I've never liked wordless jerseys, but that's a personal preference. 

On the positives, returning to the parchment look from the Sixers' original City Edition uniforms would be excellent. Any team that leans into a cream- or parchment-style color is smarter for doing so. And the red-and-blue piping around the arms that runs unbroken down the side of the torso is extremely neat.


Overall, they could be worse, but if these are indeed this year's Earned Edition unis, it still feels like the Sixers haven't recaptured the magic of their first City Edition. They returned to form last year in the City Edition and Classic Edition sets, but overall I'm still left wanting more.

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