Should Sixers cut their losses with Ben Simmons?


There comes a time when enough is simply enough. A point where one determines that meeting in the middle is no longer an option, because the party on the other side will not move for their spot for any semblance of a compromise.

For the Sixers' franchise, the last straw should be Tuesday, when Ben Simmons was reportedly booted out of practice by head coach Doc Rivers and suspended for the team’s season opener.

The days of hoping for high value in return for Ben Simmons are long gone. The leverage Morey thought he had is gone. It was likely never there. It’s time for Morey to get on the phone, work his magic, and get the best offer available.

With each passing day, and each tantrum thrown, Simmons’ value continues to dwindle, and the number of teams willing to deal with his ridiculous, childish behavior dwindles as well.

Team president Daryl Morey has been trying to trade Ben Simmons for nearly a calendar year. They took aim at James Harden prior to the start of last season, but Daryl Morey’s offer wasn’t enough to pry the superstar from Houston, and Harden ultimately was sent to the Sixers’ chief division rival in the Brooklyn Nets.

Morey has maintained that he will settle for nothing less than a player of superstar quality in return for Simmons. That rationale is no longer realistic.

This is as odd an impasse between team and player as we’ve ever seen in this city. It may be a bit understandable if Simmons had an argument that he’s underpaid or underappreciated, but that’s not the case. He can’t possibly make more money as an NBA player as he does right now, and two head coaches and dozens of teammates have gritted their teeth and told the media what a wonderful person Simmons is.


Every Sixers fan saw Simmons’ performance against Atlanta. You know who else saw that? Everyone else. Do you think NBA GMs are lined up around the block to add a guy who disappears in crunch time of playoff games?

Tell me which team is watching Simmons act like a brat all summer and thinking, “Oh yeah, we have to have that guy! He’s the answer to our prayers!”

No one likes to be pressured into making a move they don’t want to make, but Daryl Morey is in a no-win situation. Cut your losses, get what you can get, and put an end to what has become an untenable situation.