An apparently unpopular opinion on Sixers' new jerseys


This morning the 76ers revealed their 2020-21 City Edition uniforms.

True to form, Sixers fans were quick in their response on social media, and it wasn’t pleasant.



It seems as though a lot of fans want to see the team roll back the black jerseys they were during the Allen Iverson era. (Interesting that the team chose Iverson to voiceover the hype video for the rollout.)

This isn’t a popular opinion, apparently, but I really like these jerseys.

Returning to the black after more than a decade away was the right move. I’m not sure why it took so long to institute a black jersey choice  While the Boathouse Row lights are reminiscent of the Nuggets’ City Edition jerseys from a year ago, I think the choice gives it a unique look, something that isn’t universally recognizable. It’s truly ours. 


The font choice is also a departure, and a welcome one. It’s a breakaway from what the Sixers have on their regular unis, which is as basic as it gets. The blue drop shadow on the letters and numbers on the front is a nice touch, as well. And I really enjoy that they put the name on the back below the number; I’ve always been a fan of that.

But hey, if you don’t like the new uniforms, don’t blame me — they were Ben Simmons’ idea.