Drummond jumps into pool to save 2-year-old son


Andre Drummond has had quite a week.

He officially signed with the Sixers last Wednesday and celebrated his 28th birthday on Tuesday.

And on Thursday, Drummond shared on social media a video of him leaping into a pool to save his two-year-old son Deon from danger.

A swift, timely move by the big man.

Drummond, who joined the Sixers on a one-year, veteran minimum deal, expressed optimism last week about the impact he can make as Joel Embiid's backup.

“The Sixers’ success last year was definitely a big factor for me," he said. “They’ve been on the rise for the past couple of years. It’s just really getting over that hump to get to that next level. I think me coming off the bench and just giving that extra boost of energy to really spark the team is something that I’m good at and I’m really looking forward to doing.”