Sixers' new uniforms aren't identical to 2000-01, but Iverson loves them


The Sixers are not bringing back the exact black uniforms they wore when they last won the Eastern Conference.

Thanks in part to Ben Simmons, though, they're going with something similar for their 2020-21 City Edition uniforms.

Here's a look at the jerseys, from ESPN's Zach Lowe:

Philadelphia 76ers

The design right above "Philadelphia" is intended to replicate Boathouse Row. Simmons, who helped design the uniforms, told ESPN he insisted on adding in the red trim to an earlier black and blue design, since he feels blue and red is "synonymous with the Sixers."

“Growing up in Australia, I always associated the 76ers with the black uniform that Allen Iverson wore in the early 2000s," Simmons said in a press release. "I’m a lover of both fashion and basketball, so to combine the two and be part of the design process for the first black 76ers uniform in over a decade was amazing. I’m grateful the team included me from the jump and can’t wait to wear this jersey next season.” 

There will also be an accompanying City Edition court.


Allen Iverson, the star of that beloved 2000-01 Sixers team, is a fan of this new design.

"I love 'em," Iverson told ESPN. "It's almost bittersweet. You look at them and you imagine yourself playing in them -- adding the headband, the wristband, the sleeve, trying to put your flavor on them."


Desron Dorset, the Sixers' vice president of business and fan development, told Lowe, "If I have my say, we will have those Iverson 2001 jerseys back in the cycle at some point."