Sixers fans reactions to new Simmons report are hilarious


The Ben Simmons saga is maybe the most ridiculous thing that has happened since the Sixers' Process era began, and on Monday morning the All-Star's holdout took another crazy turn.

Simmons' team and the Sixers are reportedly looking to reach a resolution that would bring Simmons back to Philadelphia, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and The Athletic's Shams Charania both reported Monday morning. NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark has confirmed the report.

This news comes just days after many insiders reported that Simmons' camp was repeatedly saying he was in this thing for the long haul, and was even prepared to sit out an entire season if the Sixers couldn't find the correct trade partner.

Now, as the missed game checks and fines are starting to pile up as Simmons remains in Los Angeles amid the Sixers' ongoing preseason, it seems reality is setting in: a trade isn't coming soon, and all that missed money isn't coming back.

Sixers fans, unsurprisingly, heard the news Monday and immediately lost their collective minds:

So good.

And this is just the fanbase's reaction to a report from insiders about the two sides *looking* for a reunion.

Can you imagine what's going to happen if Simmons returns and he even considers showing his face in the Wells Fargo Center with fans fully back in stands all season long?

It's going to be an absolute madhouse.

If the two sides do indeed figure out a resolution, he's going to want to stay far away from that arena or risk a bruised ego that may never heal.


You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. And here we are.