Sixers fans react to Horford trade


It's quite odd to be here on a night in November and say that we are hours away from the NBA draft, don't you think? 

But in a year where so much has been turned upside down, Sixers fans had some crazy news to discuss in the meantime - Al Horford is officially on the move. 

The news broke that the center will be sent to the Thunder after spending just one of his four-year contract with the Sixers. You can read more on the trade and what Philadelphia will be receiving in return, here

Horford with the Sixers was always going to be an interesting dynamic - given he spent the previous three seasons with the Celtics. Whenever a player moves to a rival team, you never truly know how things are going to pan out. Monster contract for the player he is aside, the dust never seemed to settle with this situation. 

So once the word started spreading, Sixers fans were all over the place when it came to their feelings on the move. 

And Horford's siblings also didn't hold back from their feelings on their brother getting out of Philadelphia. 

It looks like everyone is getting what they want.

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