Sixers fans' reactions to Simmons' suspension are hilarious


October 19 will go down as one of the most chaotic days in the last decade of Sixers basketball, and folks, that is saying something.

Ben Simmons was scheduled to address the media Tuesday; instead he got kicked out of practice and suspended for a game, left the team facility early, and got shredded by his former co-star.

It was a whirlwind hour or so for Sixers fans, as seemingly every new update provided more and more ridiculous information.

Here's a sampling of the basketball internet and Sixers fandom as it happened:

Tears of joy, tears of frustration, stomach-aches from laughter - it all happened Tuesday, and unsurprisingly the Internet brought it once again.

We now know Simmons' status for the Sixers' season opener on Wednesday down in New Orleans. I expected him to be a DNP; instead he'll be a SUS.

What a truly bizarre saga.