Joel Embiid nearly accidentally punches Lonzo Ball in the face


Joel Embiid made some huge plays for the Sixers in their 114-105 win over the Chicago Bulls Saturday night.

But he also nearly hit a lot more than just some big shots.

Late in the second quarter of Saturday night's tilt, Embiid had a ball hit off his leg and bounce out of bounds. Embiid blindly swung his arm out of frustration, not knowing Bulls guard Lonzo Ball was right behind him.

Just a fraction of a centimeter closer and Embiid would have landed a gnarly punch directly to Ball's face.

Embiid was ultimately assessed a technical foul for the mishap. The incident could've had him thrown out of the game, but luckily it was clear Embiid was not intentionally looking to knock Ball's block off.

At the end of the night, though, the Sixers earned the big win on the road and Doc Rivers earned the 1,000th win of his NBA coaching career.

Good thing an errant swing didn't put a black eye on an otherwise successful night for the Sixers.