Mike Scott nails Carmelo Anthony-themed Halloween costume


Sixers forward and fan favorite Mike Scott is spending the NBA's unusual offseason by doing what he does best: owning the Internet.

Because this isn't a normal October, the NBA regular season hasn't begun - it's at least two months away - so Scott is at home with his family, able to do take the time to get creative with his Halloween costume.

And Scott took to Instagram on Friday night to showcase what he came up with.

Please observe the brilliance that is Scott dressing up as Denver Nuggets-era Carmelo Anthony:

The jersey, the headband, the big white t-shirt and baggy jeans... I don't know which part of it I love the most. It's perfect.

Scott and Anthony both hail from Virginia, albeit opposite sides of the state. Scott was 15 when Anthony made his NBA debut in 2003, a freshman in high school. It was undoubtedly a formative time for Scott to watch a guy from his home state make it big in the NBA.

It was almost a big time for basketball fans everywhere who grew up watching Anthony and LeBron James turn the NBA on its head in the mid-to-late 00s.

This costume is a perfect throwback to a bygone era in the NBA, and I love it a lot.