Thank you, Marc Zumoff


How do you sum up a legend?

Longtime Sixers play-by-play voice Marc Zumoff announced his retirement Tuesday, and I struggle for the right words to describe him.

I’ll start with this: Thank you.

Thank you for giving Sixers fans nearly four decades of your heart and soul. Anyone who listened intently to Marc would know — feel — that he truly loved what he did, and loved the team he covered just as much, if not more.

Thank you for always being at your best, even when the Sixers weren’t, and rising to the challenge when they were.

Thank you for your warmth, your passion, your grace. You rode the roller-coaster of emotions every game night right along with us. We appreciate you taking us along for the ride.

Marc Zumoff will always be a legendary broadcaster. He will always be a legendary person as well. I have never seen him turn down a fan who wanted a picture, an autograph or just to talk hoops for a moment.

I introduced my son to Marc when he was 7 and already consumed Philly sports like a seasoned professional. Marc treated him like he was the celebrity and had a full conversation with him. If you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with a 7-year-old, you understand. After that meeting, when we went to Sixers games, my son’s first question when we got to Wells Fargo Center was, “When can we go see Zoo?”


Thanks for teaching Sixers fans a whole new vernacular. Zoo-ology, if you will.

Garbage into gold. Locking all windows and doors. We are running tonight. Hold on, partner, we’re coming in for a landing!

Philadelphia sports fans are finicky. It’s rare they universally agree on anything. I double-dare you to find one that doesn’t love Marc Zumoff calling a Sixers game.

Mostly that’s because Marc shared his love for the Sixers with all of us, and you knew it. Calling Sixers games wasn’t just a job; it was what he was born to do. How many can say that?

It’s a shame the Sixers couldn’t send Zoo out on top, but he’ll always be on top to most fans.

The next NBA season will begin in the fall, with a new voice calling the action. I do not envy whomever will be doing so. Those are Joel Embiid-sized shoes to fill.

So, thank you, Marc. Thank you for all that you’ve done and all that you are. And whenever a Sixers player hits a big basket, I’ll always hear that familiar “YEEESSSSS!!!”