Harris hasn't missed this season (that counts for social media, too)


The 6-1 Sixers have been the talk of the NBA through the young season. Though it's only been a few weeks, it seems like we've entered a new age of Sixers basketball (one where we can enjoy a team that is able to shoot). 

Seriously, did anyone else forget what it felt like to not panic every time someone shot from beyond the arc? 

It's been a nice change of pace to say the least - and one of the most surprising emergences has been Tobias Harris.

Averaging just over 19 points and shooting 52% and 47.2% from beyond - Harris earned himself the title of Eastern Conference Player of the Week

He was even able to celebrate by ringing the bell before the Sixers' second matchup against the Hornets. 

Not only has he been stepping up as one of the most efficient players on the court, he also hasn't missed off the court, either. 

Following their win Monday night, Harris shared a hysterical post on his Instagram story - that not only showed how he sees all of the critics online - but how he handled it. 

Tobias Harris

Someone had even directly sent him an apology form that needs no explanation:

It's simultaneously funny and accurate - here's a quick breakdown if you're a little lost on the situation:

Oh yeah, it's going to be a good season. 

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