While two teams the Sixers helped to create vie for the Eastern Conference crown, fans are better off lacing up their sneakers and actually playing basketball than putting themselves through that bitter reality.

Here to help with your on-court kick game is Joel Embiid.

The Cameroonian’s Under Armour signature shoe dropped Friday. Since January, when Embiid announced the Fall debut of his own pair of UA kicks, we’ve seen the big fella rock the UA Embiid One plenty of times on the court.

Under Armour

The release immediately sets a precedent with the fact that Embiid is the only center in the league with his own shoe. Although, it’s a tough time to debut for the 7-footer with walk-in sales limited because of the coronavirus.

Either way, I like the vibe of the shoe. Embiid put his flavor on it with the Africa design on the heel. I will admit the $120 price tag really caught me off guard. 

I’m sure there’s overhead that needs to be recouped, but a lower price point would make the shoe marketable to a broader group. I think you price a lot of people out at $120. It becomes more of a monetary decision than just going to grab your favorite player’s shoe. 

Now, if they had included Embiid’s sweet signature Stance socks with the sneakers as a way to incentivize the purchase they might have really had something. I’m partial to these red jawns.

Under Armour

Currently, Embiid’s signature socks will set you back $20. I would feel more comfortable grabbing them before I plunked down $120 for the shoes.